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Fcon Co., Inc.

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Keyword Mass flow controller, mass flow meter, Gas Mixer, flow control, flow rate meter
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    We manufacture instruments for flow measurement focusing on mass flow controllers. A mass flow controller is an instrument that controls flow by measuring the mass and flow of gaseous matter. The instrument is indispensable in the process of measuring and controlling flow with a high degree of accuracy. Its use was previously limited to specific areas because of the high price. We are now able to manufacture such controllers at a lower price range utilizing our specific proprietary technology to improve the basic qualities and functions of the products as well as their reliability. Our products are ready to be utilized for a variety of purposes, such as for processing and as facility equipment, and can also be used in research and development centers.
    Please contact us if you have any questions or inquiries regarding flow control and measurement or about equipment such as gas mixers and flow controllers.

    Main Actual

    January 2015: Awarded Encouragement Prize at Kochi Local Industry Grand Prix for fiscal year 2014
    Product: "1000 Series" Mass Flow Controller
    June 2014: Registered as company able to assist customers outside Kochi by Kochi Industry Promotion Center
    January 2014: Selected as company creating employment through support for entrepreneurs

    Company Profile

    Name Fcon Co., Inc.
    Name of Representative President Kuniaki Yamanaka
    Address 〒783-0060
    1-1-1 109 Hotarugaoka, Nankoku City, Kochi, Japan
    Tel / Fax 088-855-7100 / 088-855-7166
    Capital 10,000,000YEN
    Annual Sales -
    Established July 2013
    Employees 9
    Main Clients -
    Member of Organizations -


    July 2013
    September 2013
    Opened homepage
    Began sales of Mass Flow Controller made by Fujikin
    December 2013
    Began sales of low-priced "1000 Series" Mass Flow Controller and "PA01 Series" Power Supply Control designed and developed by the company.
    January 2015
    Began sales of products made by Sierra.
    Began sales of all-in-one "CUBEMFC1005 Series "Mass Flow Controller with combined power supply designed and developed by the company.
    Began sales of "CUBEGM Series "Gas Mixer designed and developed by the company.

    Mass Flow Controller

    Mass Flow Controller C2000series


    Mass Flow Controller + Power supply

    Mass Flow Controller C1000series

    C1000 + PA01PS

    Mass Flow Controller/Measurement Unit

    CUBEMFC Series

    CUBEMFC Series

    Power supply is integrated with a low-priced C1000 Series controller. The compact unit is designed for use with an AC100V outlet.
    Latest catalogs are listed on the following

    Gas Mixer (CUBEGM Series)

    Gas Mixer (CUBEGM Series)

    An all-in-one gas mixer unit with a mass flow controller, power supply, bulb and gas mixer. The unit makes it possible to control gas mixing and flow with high accuracy just by being connected to the in and out pipes.
    Latest catalogs are listed on the following

    Gas Mixer CUBEGM-Xseries

    Gas Mixer CUBEGM-Xseries

    Access Map

    Address:1-1-1 109 Hotarugaoka, Nankoku City, Kochi, Japan


    Product Catalog


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