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Sakamoto Tekkoujyo CO, Ltd,.

Sakamoto Tekkoujyo CO,. Ltd.

4-4-7 Higashi-honmachi Tosayamada-cho, Kamishi Kochi
TEL 0887-53-4101
FAX 0887-52-4101


Our Motto
Based on our technique that we polished up,
we manufacture to make a close demand form surely.

President: Mitsugi Sakamoto
Establishment: January 1933
Capital: 3milliom
Outline of business
Manufacturing forging machine, industrial use machine, automatic controller

Belt hammer in the days of the early days

Established in the town of beat knife, 80 rest of life when we walked it with the history

In Tosayamadacho, Kami-shi, that is known as a production center of the leading beat knife in the country, Sakamoto Tekkoujyo was established in 1933. In succession to will of the predecessors in the family line who was a blacksmith and born in the city, our company's history began with developing a forging machine for knives.

While following traditional technique, birth of the epoch-making forging machine which realized the modernization

Heating metal materials at a high temperature, and training, molding by pressurization and a blow. This is our traditional way of making knives called "The free forging manufacturing method". We used to repeat hitingt the heavy mallet by hand, beating and stretching out. While following this craftsman technique, we developed the epoch-making machine which planned the modernization "a Sakamoto-type belt hammer". Not a hand, we greatly improved the productivity of the knife by forging it with a mechanical hammer. Moreover, Not only an imminent knife but also small size, the production of large parts were enabled. However, the reliable technique of the craftsman is necessary for the making of of the knife form or the adjustment of the thickness even if it is said that I took place of a machine from a hand. Unlike "strike forging" of the mass production type to make a blow on a model and to mold, One high quality knife by the expert craftsman is made one. We repeat improvement from establishment of a business those days, and it is the Sakamoto type belt hammer which supports the history of the knife of the Tosa tradition now. We are proud of approximately 100% of the forging machine share for knives in West Japan. Furthermore, we deal with the production of the automatic plane of quick cooling machine, press, conveyance machine

Sakamoto-type belt hammer

Name of the product: Sakamoto-type belt hammer

All bearing types, high-performance forging machine which continue development, improvement from establishment of a business those days. By the weight of the mallet, there are 10, 15, 25, 30, 40, 50 kg, six kinds of models. You can choose the accessories such as a hook or the harpoon, the use of the product including the thick metal.

Name of the product: Sakamoto-type forging roller

A fixed position stop clutch includes it and is easy to handle it, and roller forging that you use a decentration roller is possible. You can forge a sickle, a kitchen knife freely by changing rollers, and the production of compound steel materials (tool materials) is easy, too.

Sakamoto-type forging roller

A technique and development capability to affect every needs regardless of the field

Sakamoto Tekkoujyo paid more attention to various fields from establishment of a business those days, and deepened much manufacturing industry and interchange. Cooperate with the industries such as a building, engineering works, electricity, the electron makes us grew up before we dealt with the machine of every company from a design to production regardless of the prefecture outside across the knife industry throughout. There are unexpectedly many companies demanding a machine for the company which incorporated original know-how. "Though I want such a machine, there is not a maker making", and we accepted such a consultation willingly. "Sincere, in response to the detailed demand of each company, donated a thing required originally. It is our mission to make a product not to be able to make in the major maker producing the same things in large quantities and is a strength" indicates the president. Our considerate manufacturing with the company's technique that we cultivated for many years as a base is warm stands out.

Sugar cane juice machine

Name of the product: Sugar cane juice machine

The machine which we produced by a request from Kuroshio-cho, Kochi that assumed raw sugar a special product. Four rollers, three squeezing structure makes a juice rate charged an extra 20% of before, and juice time came to decrease by 40%. We make much of the hygiene side, and all the parts which roller and other juice liquid touches are made by stainless steel.

Suction/open type wind tunnel experimental device

Name of the product: Suction/open type wind tunnel experimental device

We produced a small flow in a wind tunnel artificially, and a duct part and the measurement room of the device to reproduce the flow of the atmosphere and the material, and to observe. As for the basic design, other companies were in charge of the control unit of Professor Tsutsui of the Kochi college of engineering, a fan and the fan.

We produce land lock and automated water gate which contribute to the damage reduction of possible south seas great earthquake disaster in future

Setting them up in a river leeve, the water gate land gate which prevent the flooding by closing a gate at the time of flooding, and is used as a protection against a high tide door preventing invasion of a tsunami and the high tide by the opening of the seawall of the sea. In the East Japan great earthquake disaster that occurred in 2011, members of firefighting team which worked on closedown by manual operation was rolled up in a tsunami and lost their lives and land gate in itself was carried away, and it occurred successively that it could not be closed down without being able to remote-control it by a blackout. We continued developing the opening and shutting automated equipment of land gate, the water gate for the tsunami damage of south seas great earthquake disaster told to be generated in future from several years ago. In this device, an air motor driving that we were not able to remote-control it by high pressure compressed gas for a lesson is used as power source of the opening and shutting by a blackout. In cooperation with an expert of an electric wave and the IT, the high security system in the remote control was established and evolved it to the device which had higher performance. In the next fiscal year, we plan introduction in some cities, towns and villages of Kochi.

Name of the product: Automated land gate and water gate

You open and close a water gate and a land gate by remote control safely and surely. Because it uses high pressure compressed gas in power source of the opening and shutting, you are reliable at the time of the blackout. The device which cancels a risk of the opening and shutting work that used manual operation and electricity so far.


President Sakamoto who contributed to development of the manufacturing industry of Kochi with an excellent craftsman. As a chairperson in "the Kochi machine mechatronics technology meeting for the study" and as a main member from start of "the Tosa technology exchanges plaza" which a lot of engineers of Kochi join, he values the duty and the network with many engineers. And he performs the information exchange regardless of a young person, a veteran positively. The connection with a person and the person beyond the type of industry sometimes leads to epoch-making manufacturing. We make use of such a connection and want to make a product only in Kochi in future. President Sakamoto indicates "There are more professionals of the manufacturing in Kochi. You should be able to realize it more which the products of Kochi is made in Kochi by the craftsuman from Kochi". He thinks that it is their missions to increase "the Kochi products" in a true meaning more.

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