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Tominaga Co., Ltd.

We never say NO to the client's needs

3981-5 Nunoshida, Kochi City, KOCHI
TEL: 088-845-1122
FAX: 088-845-0800

Specialized in the casting of small-medium items, mainly manufacturing the parts for textile machines, machine tools, injection molding machines and marine equipments.

Tominaga's Strength

We are capable of integrated production from casting to processing, and may not be an exaggeration to say that this system is our lifeline.
Possible for the delivery of finished product by providing the one-stop service, start with designing, taking wooden mold, casting, annealing and machining.
At present, only few companies in Japan who are able to provide this kind of service. We have been implementing the system for more that 45 years, and are capable of any rush orders to be manufactured by flexible process control together with our experience and past achievement.
Also, we are the only plant to be allowed for nighttime operation in Shikoku area. This proves the strict control of safety management and a number of excellent engineers available at the plant and capability to respond for quick delivery and cost reduction of electricity.
We have a contract with transportation company which enable us to suggest low transportation cost and delivery schedules despite the geological disadvantage of Kochi.

As a Partner for the Clients

With our experience of structuring the integrated production system and achievement, it is possible to suggest from designing process as client's partner whenever we receive a fresh order from new client.
Only from the drawings, we are able to make a variety of suggestions for the materials for molds and provide calculate numerical datas in order to achieve a goal for the client.

Quick Response

We are also confident with our rapid-response system whenever we receive orders from clients. We have a record of previous orders which enables to meet any request promptly. The quotation will be submitted in the same day, and it depends on the product, but delivery within a week can be negotiable. As for in-line procducts, deliver in 3-4 days is possible.
For casting, it is unavoidable to form inner holes until the coagulation completed due to depositional changes, but we constantly keep the high yield rate as around 80% while the average in the whole casting industry remains about 60%.
In case of any troubles, we will react immediately and arrive at your site to explain the cause of troubles and make a suggestion of practical improvement plan. As a result, we have achieved a reputation and trust even from the clients who made complaints.
As a matter of course, we are making continuous efforts to carefully investigate and review of the products to prevent the same claims.

We are the Generalist

Honestly speaking, there is not really a "main" products of Tominaga, but conversely saying that we are specializing in all of our products.
Since we had established, we are involved in high-mix low-volume production which means that we had a chance to produce various kind of products.
Recently, we are enhancing the further relationship with our clients in order to understand the ability and capacity of each client, and began the consultant service. And this will increase the number of orders and be the cost-cutting of time and money for the client side.
Please feel free to make any inquiries about castings. We are here to support you and your company.

Young Power

The average age of our employees is 35, including 7 fresh youngsters just turned 20 years old.
Nowadays, there are many young people who quit their jobs in the very short term after being employed. But in this 5-6 years at Tominaga, there was only 1 employee who wished the vountary separation due to physical condition.
As well as the improvement of benefits and overseas visiting program, we are also focus on training of young engineers, safety, personnel matters and working schedules of each employee, and above all, the executives never ignore the suggestions and request from employees, hold the meetings to hear their ideas and reflect to the management.
These are the reason for strong solidarity, mutual cooperation and challenging atmosphere for young employees.

Casting Master Qualification of Germany

Casting Technica Qualification of Germany

At our company, there is one employee who certified for German Casting Master and German Casting Technica Qualifications. These are the qualifications required to be a plant manager or in any equivalent responsible position in Germany.
This employee is the only person in Japan who hold them, which is necessary to study for two years in Germany for each certificate. Under ordinary circumstances, these certifications cannot be obtained by Japanese, but his enthusiasm and contiuous effort achieved the support of EU countries and qualified for the examinations.
We gave full support for him as indispensable person and now he is perfoming actively and remarkably in the front lines.

Authorized plant of Lloyd's Register of Shipping

Det Norske Veritas

We are authorized plant of Lloyd's Register of Shipping and Det Norske Veritas.
Similar to ISO in Japan, necessary to pass the various inspections such as strict documentary examinations, quality of materials and facilities.
This has to be revised every year and will be a proof of our facilities, standard and quality of materials to be high enough to be an authorized plant.

Always the be your First Choice

During the past decade, there was a variety of changes in casting industry. We have survived in the spirit of the time with strength of our systems as "integrated production", "High-mix Low-volume production" and flexibility to various requests.
"Never say No. Just give a try for now"-this is the words from president. To follow these words, we had challenged any untried and unknown orders. There was a lesson learned from failure, but managed to built up the knowledge and improved our technologies which became our advantage now.
With the changes of the times, nowadays our competitors are mainly based in China, Korea, Vietnam and Thailand, etc. But we are confident to win this competition with our all-Japan made quality and other strong points such as speed of production & delivery, reliability and ability to provide support from client's point of view.
We will continue to make storng efforts to establish credibility for our quality and achievement by cherish the excelllency of Japanese products and rejuvenate human resources and economy in Kochi at the same time, and wish to be known as "Tominaga as "last bastion"".

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