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Kakiuchi Co., Ltd.

Kakiuchi Co., Ltd.

391-8 Nakajima Oko-cho Nankoku City, Kochi JAPAN
TEL 088-866-2848
FAX 088-866-0261


"Walking on a Royal Road"
S&Q (Speed and Quality) is our motto

President: Kazuhiko Yasuoka
Established: August 1987
Capital: 10 million
Outline of business: Manufacturing industrial machines

West plant

A wide category of our in-house manufactured goods

We, Kakiuchi, involve with various industries from inside and outside of the prefecture, and we manufacture broad category of industrial machines. We take order from not only public works, building construction, and livestock farming but also Universities and local government. We manufacture various machines such as Umaji-mura locomotive, incline, bridge type crane, LPG cylinder inspection machine. In order to answer our clients' needs, we try to improve our skill level. Rapidity and high quality would win clients' trust and it makes us possible to develop new products.

From a design, assembling to installation. We have full production.

A robot manufactured by ourselves

Our advantage is that we have a full production as designing, manufacturing, processing, assembling, and installation. We have a main office where designing is to be done. As the biggest scale of welding shop in Kochi prefecture, west plant has welding machine support equipment called Suketto-Robo. Main plant has MC 5-sided machine, and east plant is capable of large-scale assembling. Depending on which process is to be done, each plant works on canning, machining, and painting and assembling. This exclusive system makes it possible for us to meet the demand of our clients. In order for our clients to use our products with security, our designers and engineers must be well trained and have advanced technology. Therefore, almost all of our workers have technician licence. Technical strength of each worker improves company's manufacturing technique, and that makes it possible to incarnate our motto S&Q (Speed and Quality).


Pelletizing machine "Ryuzokun" is active in various fields.

We manufacture our own pelletizer "Ryuzokun", and it has original twin dies system and has an excellent production ability in cost effectiveness. The pelletizing temperature is as low as 50C, and it prevents materials from kneading, crushing, and grinding. Therefore, microbial biomass and enzymes would not die out, and it becomes the deciding factor for manufacturing excellent quality of bio-fertilizer and feed. Moreover, Ryuzokun has a good durability and low electricity consumption because of its' simple structure. Energy-saving is one of the machine's special features. We have 4 different types of the machines depending on the customers' needs such as production output. Appoximately 200 machines are installed in both inside and outside of the country. We intend to install the machine in Thailand, and we hope that our technology will spread in all over the world.

Squeezing citrus system

First squeezing citrus system in Kochi prefecture which awarded 25th Kochi Local Industry Grand Prize

Our own product "Squeezing cirus system" is the first citrus squeezer which was awarded 25th Kochi Local Industry Grand Prize in 2011. Sqeezers from outside of the prefecture used to be the mainstream in Kochi prefecture. However, thoughts on the plants for machines of primary industry in Koch prefecture should made by local industrial association. And as a pioneer of a trend of local production for local consumption, we developed the system. This squeezer automatically wash and dry citrus, and hull and inner package are taken out separately at the same time of juice extraction. In addition, Hull and residue of juice extraction can be processed into oil, jam, and compost.

Special features of our products

-The juice extraction system which can fit various citruses
Changing inner frame can make it possible to extracting various citrus, such as Hyuganatsu, Naoshich, and Buntan.

- Improvement of the ability of juice extraction
Machine construction that can improve the ability of juice extraction.
Our oun technology, Backup plate, can improve the ability of juice extraction.

-Adjustable insertion slot
Adjusting a width and a angle of insertion slot can save labor

-Easy maintenance
Movable slicer, and detachable chute make it easy to wash after the juice extraction

Delivery record

The first product was installed in Naoshichi Productive Association, and JA Tosareihoku installed top-class scale citrus squeezing facility. We received an order from JA Ehime-minami from Ehime prefecture and installed the largest scale citrus squeezing facility in June 2012. We installed 3 citrus squeezing machines so far, and the order from citrus giant Ehime would develop our initiative of local production for local consumption.

Experimental unit of freeze concentrator

Our goal is to manufacture freeze concentrator which makes liquid food (juice and soup stock).

As a commissioned project from government, we have been developing freeze concentrator for juice and soup stock in cooporation with Kochi University of Technology, Kochi National College of Technology, and Kochi Prefectual Industrial Technology Center. This unit can separate slurry ice into ice and concentrate by using a centrifugal separator, and circulate them. The most common way of separation, heating evaporation, easily lose fragrance of solute and deteriorate a component. But freeze concentration can prevent losing fragrance of solute and deteriorate a component and can concentrate without losing its ingredients. Because of losing volume of the food by concentration, the cost of shipping and keeping can be reduced greatly. Intensifying component's fragrance and flavor can be its added value. We have been in a developing experiment using a experimental unit. And our goal is to make a freeze concentrator much more effective than existing one within 2 years for commercializing.

plant for painting

We will keep trying, and accumulate the achievements.

We had worked on various products in many fields, and we would like to try working on all sorts of products in a new field. In order to do that, we must improve our ability and quality. And we would like to continue to be a trusted company even more than we have so far. We will focus on high quality, quick response, and our quality policy "We deliver the products which can ease customers' mind". And keep S&Q (Speed and Quality) in our mind, we would like to accumulate the achievements.

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