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We deliver the bounty of the Kuroshio Black Current!

Tosashimizu Genki Project Co., Ltd.

Exterior view of Tosa Shimizu Genki Project

3182-150 Ohki
Tosashimizu City, Kochi, JAPAN 787-0301

Tel 0880-83-4100
Fax 0880-83-4101

Founded: December 2008

<Main Business>
Manufacture and sale of marine and agriculture products
Management and maintenance of freezing and refrigeration facilities

Energize the local area



Tosashimizu City is blessed with a rich natural environment and marine products derived from the offshore Kuroshio Black Current. The Tosashimizu Genki Project was born out of the idea to promote and stimulate progress in the area by publicizing the unique characteristics of the city in agriculture, fishing, tourism and other industries. Economic organizations in the fields of agriculture and forestry, fishery, tourism, and commerce and industry have jointly invested in the Project to start the business that would process products in primary industry and supply them to hotels and shops. Since then, the Project has put down roots locally and played an important role as a central kitchen for the city, while creating employment opportunities for local residents.


Office and Food Education facility
Exterior view of the Genki Marugoto Kobo

Among the many beaches in Tosashimizu, Ohki no Hama is especially known for its beautiful white sand. About 2 kilometers away there is a small hill covered with trees where the following three Tosashimizu Genki Project facilities are located:

-Genki Marugoto Kobo, a processing facility for agricultural and fishery products
-Office and Food Education Center
-Ohki Freezing Center

Additionally, the Shimonokae Freezing Center, with quick freezing and refrigeration facilities, is located in Shimonokae Port.

(Left Photo: View of the office and Food Education facility. The Genki Marugoto Kobo Factory is partially seen to the right.)
(Right Photo: External view of the Genki Marugoto Kobo Factory)

Genki Marugoto Kobo

Workroom inside the Genki Marugoto Kobo

Genki Marugoto Kobo is the main facility of the Tosashimizu Genki Project. There are three levels of cleanliness throughout the facility, with each section equipped with the most advanced devices. Items made from marine and agricultural products harvested from the land and sea around Tosashimizu are manufactured at this facility under strict hygiene controls.

Tosa no Shimizu Saba Ryoshizuke - Mackerel in Fisherman's Marinade

Tosa no Shimizu Saba Ryoshizuke

Big hit product of The Tosashimizu Genki Project!

People used to have to travel to Tosashimizu to enjoy the taste of fresh Shimizu Saba because it is so hard to keep saba fresh. But even if they traveled to the city from far away, there was no saba if the weather wasn't good that day. This was disappointing for both visitors and people from Tosashimizu.

We want people to enjoy our fresh tasting Tosashimizu Saba anytime and anywhere, even outside of Tosashimizu City. Tosa no Shimizu Saba Ryoshizuke - Mackerel in Fisherman's Marinade was developed to make that wish come true.

We make sashimi from saba caught in the offshore Kuroshio Black Current and immediately freeze it in a specially blended sweet and salty sauce. The technique we have developed has made it possible to enjoy delicious Tosashimizu Saba no matter where you live in Japan.

Big news in June 2013!

Tosa no Shimizu Saba Ryoshizuke - Mackerel in Fisherman's Marinade was honored as the No. 1 product in a contest organized by a major newspaper for Donburimono rice-ball cuisine. There was a tremendous consumer reaction to our victory. The product became nationally known, and in a two-month period, we received orders equal to the amount for the previous year.


Main products

We have developed 80 products to date, 20 of which are available for sale.

Our biggest seller, Tosa no Shimizu Saba Ryoshizuke - Mackerel in Fisherman's Marinade, is sold in units of 5 packages. Now it's easy to enjoy fresh and delicious Shimizu Saba at home: Just defrost a pack and eat it with cooked rice.

We have a varied product lineup, including Sodabushi Dashi Pack, Sodabushi Dashi Kobucha, Sodabushi Dashi Chazuke, Sodadashi Gelee, and Sodadashi Miso.

They all use Sodadashi (Sodabushi dried bonito), one of the traditional products of Tosashimizu, as the main source of flavoring. We also make products developed from joint projects with local fishery and agricultural businesses. Sodadashi Konatsu Non-oil Dressing and Sodadashi Ninjin Dressing come in small, fashionable bottles colored in vivid yellow and orange, respectively. These popular dressings are appreciated for their fresh and healthy taste that matches well with salads, fried foods and other dishes.

Inside view of Restaurant Shiokaze ni Fukarete

Sodadashi Konatsu Dressing
An ideal blend of flavorful Sodadashi and 30% Konatsu citrus juice gives this dressing a light and fresh taste.

Umi no Eki Ashizuri

Sodadashi Ninjin Dressing
A delightful combination of sweet carrot and flavorful broth that blends perfectly with crispy salad vegetables and carpaccio.

Restaurant Shiokaze ni Fukarete

Sodadashi Gelee
A gelee whose concentrated flavor and aroma of Sodabushi enhances the taste of meat and fried vegetables, and is also good with tofu.


Sodabushi Dashi Pack
These ready-to-use packs of dashi are perfect for preparing authentically flavored broth for soups and simmered foods.

Office and Food Education facility

Sodabushi Dashi Chazuke
An authentic seasoning for the traditional dish of hot green tea poured over rice. It is just as good when used with cold tea.

Sodadashi Konatsu Dressing

Sodabushi Dashi Kobucha
A kelp tea made with Sodabushi broth that can be used to accent one's cooking or served as a delicious clear soup.

Sodadashi Ninjin Dressing

Uomeshi-Seasoned Fish Flakes
Makes delicious flavored rice just by mixing it with two cups of hot cooked rice.

Sodadashi Gelee

Umi Curry
A Japanese-style curry sauce with Sodabushi broth and chunks of Sodakatsuo bonito.

Sodabushi Pack

Manjiro Pumpkin Cheese Cake
Our line of sweets also includes: pineapple roll cake, pineapple cream cheese cake, gateau au chocolat with ponkan citrus, other assorted baked goods

Other products from Tosashimizu are also available for purchase.

Future plans

Umi Curry

We want to:

-work together with local producers to widely publicize interesting aspects of Tosashimizu and energize the area as well as promote local products.

-create local employment opportunities for young people from Tosashimizu so they can continue living in the local area.

-utilize the facilities and functions we already have and be the point of contact for people working to promote the community.

-to make Sodabushi known widely

-connect the area' s primary industry with tourism promotion so visitors can enjoy tasty foods in Tosashimizu. This will help revitalize the area by increasing tourism there.

Five years have passed since our company was founded. Though we have a sufficient number of items in our product lineup, we still feel like we are just starting our business. We continue to work to revitalize Tosashimizu and make the city Genki (Healthy), just like the name of the company.

Five pillars (From the brochure of the Tosashimizu Genki Project)

Manjiro Pumpkin Cheese Cake

Five pillars of the Tosashimizu Genki Project

1. We were established to stimulate the active power (genki) of Tosashimizu by manufacturing local products.

2. We are an eco-friendly company aiming to build a recycling-based society, including the ocean, fishery, people's daily lives, the natural scenery of Ashizuri, and the rich characteristics of farm, mountain, and fishery villages in the local area.

3. We will sincerely and honestly manufacture safe and tasty products, disclosing all information regarding the production, processing, and distribution of our products.

4. We want to learn about the products of Tosashimizu together with manufacturers and consumers.

5. We will be like a group of young people going forward to the future. We will work with everyone whom we meet, communicate with consumers, and create circumstances where people put smiles on their faces.

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