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Naoshichi Productive Association

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Keyword Naoshichi, Specialty product of Sukumo City, pesticide-free, relish, ponzu vinegar, ...
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  • Grow pesticide-free naoshichi and provide the customers make processed products with the concept of safety.

    We made naoshichi-tangerine which is originally and privately cultivated in Sukumo City of Kochi into a product used as ingredient. This naoshichi-tangerine belongs to the group of Japanese citrus fruits such as yuzu and sudachi, but naoshichi has distinctive fine scent, less sour than yuzu and mellower flavor, widely used in local region as relish "suitable for anything" such as for grilled dishes and drinks. We will use this naoshichi to add value to products.

    New Data

    Received prize of "Kochi Local Industry Award" in 25th Kochi Local Industry Grand Award.

    Main Actual

    October 2010 Started sales of ponzu vinegar
    February 2011 Started manufacturing and sales of mayonnaise

    Company Profile

    Name Naoshichi Productive Association
    Name of Representative Chairman Toshihiko Hamada
    Address 〒788-0032
    1091-15 Nishiki, Sukumo-shi, Kochi JAPAN
    Tel/Fax 0880-62-1300/ 0880-62-1301
    Website -
    Capital 500,000YEN
    Annual Sales -
    Established April 2009
    Employees 30
    Main Clients Ryoshoku Ltd. Kita main office
    Member of Organizations -


    April 2009
    Started up of Naoshichi Productive Association
    Constructed juice extraction plant
    Aim for the yield of 75 tons

    Overview of products, facilities and manufacturing techniques

    We have produced this pesticide-free products by applying at most the naoshichi's special qualities of "fine scent", "refreshingness", "clearness", "mellowness".

    Main product line 1

    Ponzu soy sauce of Naoshichi no Sato

    Aim to commercialization of product which is safe and additive-free by applying the fresh scent and subtle sourness of naoshichi.

    Main product line 2

    Extracted juice of Naoshichi no Sato

    Cooked with reduced salt and 100% juice.

    Main product line 3

    Sauce for bonito tataki

    Sauce for bonito tataki

    Main product line 4

    Naoshichi and sesame dressing

    Additive-free, healthy and sour-tasting dressing. This is non-oil and plenty of juice are used. Even sasame are from South America.

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